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Two fledgling criminals kidnap a pizza delivery guy, strap a bomb to his chest, and inform him that he has mere hours to rob a bank or else...

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original title: 30 Minutes or Less

genge: Action,Comedy,Crime



duration: 1h 23min

tags: A lot can happen in 30 minutes.

budget: $28,000,000

keywords: unlikelycriminal, heist, pizzadeliveryboy, sony, sonyvaio, heistgonewrong, bankheist, sceneafterendcredits, bankrobbery, kidnapping, dumbcriminal, raceagainsttime, strappedtoabomb, pixelatednudity, pi









































The not so smart Dwayne intends to open a massage parlor with his partner Travis, but he does not have money for the investment. He decides to hire a hit-man to kill his father, The Major, who won a large amount of money in the lottery years ago, but the killer demands US$ 100,000 for the job. Dwayne and Travis kidnap the pizza delivery boy Nick and they dress Nick in a vest with a timer and several bombs. Then Dwayne tells Nick that he has ten hours to rob US$ 100,000 from a bank. Once he does, he would give Nick the code to release the vest. Nick summons his best friend Chet to help him in the heist but the scheme does not work the way Dwayne has plotted. Two fledgling criminals kidnap a pizza delivery guy, strap a bomb to his chest, and inform him that he has mere hours to rob a bank or else... Such a pity, but this film sounds promising, and has a promising plot, but I'm afraid to say it fails on all accounts. Except for a great opening scene with Jesse Eisenberg driving head over heels in his rotten 80'ies Mustang to deliver pizzas within the promised 30 minutes or less, to prevent the pizza's to be free, there's nothing here! You can stop watching after 5 minutes! Or, to make fun with the title, don't watch more than 39 minutes!

The problem is that to fill a great plot, you've gotta have a great script. And as this is a comedy, it should be funny as well. I stead thus is like film filled with high low budget school comedy language and humor. I didn't gave one single laugh throughout the film. I still give it a 4, due to the following: A promising and great opening scene, which still is a film I'd like to see. A great plot, which still is a film I'd like to see. A-class actors Jesse Eisenberg and Fred Ward, which I still like to see. A great budget, which I would have liked been used on a good film.

Unless you like like unfunny comedies based in great plots, stay away. Life's too short, and there are too many good films out there to enjoy. Please do! 30 Minutes or Less is more or less a standard slacker comedy with not one but two pairs of buddies scheming for money and incessantly riffing on old movies, the Internet, oral sex, and myriad other low-comedy topics delivered with rapid fire and occasional laughs.

As in classic slacker films like Clerks and Dumb and Dumber, not much significant work is being done, just a good measure of trying to find ways of making easy money or having a good time. Jesse Eisenberg as Nick is a Michael Serra kin, an underachieving pizza delivery guy thrown into a bank robbery. Basically he's nerdy and lovable, clueless yet innately smart enough to pass out pop cult references to make him the life of any party.

Nick has been outfitted with a body bomb by super slackers Dwayne and Travis (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson), who demand he get them $100,000 or be blown up in 10 hours. Nick and buddy Chet (Aziz Ansari) spend most of the film's merciful 83 minutes robbing a bank and trying to get the code to defuse the bomb.

The bank robbery is the high point (or low if you wish) as Nick and Chet bungle every aspect of the operation and still make it exciting, stupid, and funny at the same time. (As Nick shows his body bomb to a cop: "Guess what? You just brought a gun to a bombfight, Officer!") Hurt Locker this is not.

It's just an average end-of-summer comedy flick with lame jokes and eccentric characters such as Fred Ward's "Major," a vet with a pen gun who's an abrasive father to son, Dwayne; Juicy (Bianca Kajlich), a stripper whose fondled breasts inspire Dwayne to murder his father in surely the most irreverent take on Oedipus ever crafted for film.

Going over old slacker territory is challenging: It means ratcheting up the raunch and driving cars fast because stopping at all leaves time to consider how infantile the proceedings are. Yet the plot moves along. It's the end of summer--don't ask for more because you won't get it. Fleischer stages one chase scene with a bit of comic flair but otherwise never locates that mix of macabre action and comedy that at least made "Zombieland" amusing. 'Where I'm Going' by Cut Copy.


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